What good stuff should I get?

Last revised April 27, 2017.

Holly Payne saved by her Point Two ProAir vest. Inflated, it seems to double as a life jacket.1

I know you have a tack room, trailer, trunk, and garage full of horse stuff you haven’t been using. Nevertheless, here are recommendations for more ways to spend your money. Unfortunately, I don’t make a dime if you tell them I sent you.

Ear Plugs

  • Panama’s Never Lost Ear Plugs. This pair of plugs features strings attached to each plug that can be looped around your bridle browband. Made of soft, high density foam that is durable, comfortable for your horse, and muffles sounds. The string allows you to use these plugs without the traditional use of an ear bonnet to keep from losing them should they pop out. Available from Chick’s Saddlery.2
  • Cashel Equine Ear Plugs with String. Cashel’s soft, comforting foam is molded to fit safely in your horse’s ears. These cushion earplugs are easy to insert and aid in comforting your horse by muffling the scary noises of clipping, bathing, trailering, trail riding and showing. Easy to remove. Loops in strings to attach to bridle to keep from losing ear plugs if they happen to come out of ears. Available from Chick’s Saddlery.3


  • Horse Side Vet Guide Search for answers in Horse Side Vet Guide®, a constantly growing knowledge-base of equine health information. Created by a life-long horseman and equine veterinarian with 20+ years of experience, HSVG helps you partner with your veterinarian to optimize your horse’s health.  Once downloaded to a mobile device, most of the content in HSVG is available to you without cell service or an Internet connection.


  • Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Mega Ball in a 40” diameter. My horse loves this. You can teach your horse to touch it (target training) then push it around the arena. Two horses make a soccer match. Outdoor use will send it to one side of the round pen in a hurry, if there is any wind. Every year you’ll need to inflate it, and if you can’t find the little pump and connector that came with it, you’ll need to improvise. Available on Amazon and many other places. You’ll find it at as well, but they’ve added their own $25 decal to it. Also order the Horsemen’s Pride Mega Ball Soccer Ball Cover, and put it on before you inflate.


  • Clik Stik. The Clik Stik is an all-in-one clicker and retractable target stick, which I use for trick and target training. The Clik Stik fits comfortably in one hand. The clicker is sturdy, loud enough, and easy to press. The target will extend from 6 inches to 23 inches when you need it. The handle includes a belt clip for easy carrying, but I prefer to put it all in my barn coat pocket.
  • Mustang Training Flag. a 3.5’ lightweight shaft training stick with flag end, helps desensitize your horse in training. Color: Black. From State Line Tack for about $10 plus shipping.4
  • Traffic Cones. You will use them for obstacle courses and they work well as targets5 in target training. Large cones may stand their ground better than small ones if you plan to leave them out in the wind.


  • JanSport Adventure Series Fifth Ave Waist Pack. This is perfect for hauling up to 10 big carrots that have been sliced into 10 or more pieces each. You can wear it while on the ground or while riding. As much as he might like to, your horse won’t be able to chew through it. You can find one on Amazon for about $17.6
  • Point Two P2-RS Hybrid Jacket is a combination of body protector and air jacket. This protective vest inflates in up to .093 of a second to provide enhanced protection to all major thoracic and upper abdominal organs, spine and neck collar. It also protects from crushing injuries in the event of a rotational fall. In the case of a fall, a lanyard attached to the jacket and clipped onto a nylon saddle attachment, affixed to the saddle, will detach from the P2-RS and trigger the release of CO2 gas from the canister. The triggering will happen when you are in the air, long before you hit the ground. The jacket will stay inflated for 15-20 seconds, then slowly deflate. It’s fully reusable and requires servicing annually or after six falls. Five-year warranty. Each vest comes with two canisters. I’ve had hard landings with this vest many times, and have never been injured when wearing it. But my shoulders are easily damaged from falls in which I did not have the vest. You can find one on Amazon for under $800.

Wear a vest if this ever might happen to you.7


  • Port Lewis Impression Pad Saddle Fit System. Made of two pieces of durable, clear vinyl filled with red putty material that molds to the shape of the back and reveals pressure points caused by the saddle. Designed to be used under the saddle as your horse moves, in place of a saddle pad. After a brief ride (10 or 15 minutes may be plenty. If there is a sore spot, you don’t want to make it worse.), dismount and examine the pad. Any pressure points between saddle and back will be revealed by displaced putty. The pads can be smoothly rolled back to their original state for multiple uses. Use with a rolling pin. I recommend using this to assure that a saddle fits well, and that you use it every three months to ensure that your saddle is continuing to fit well. Your horse may change shape in the summer or winter, and your saddle won’t.8


1 Image source: USEA. “USEA Announces Point Two as the Official Air Jacket of the USEA”. Photo by Leslie Mintz.




5 Dazzling Toys Pack of 12 7 inch Orange Plastic Traffic Cones.” The product is a dozen small traffic cones, and costs under $11 from Amazon:


7 Image source: Harry McMillian

8 Available from Riding Warehouse at There is a video here:


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